• gift with blue ribbon
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    The 2023 Gift Guide

    Choosing the perfect gift for that special someone can be difficult. Maybe this person already owns what seems like everything, or they just don’t like to collect ‘more stuff’. But assuming this special person in your life is known to […]

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  • seltzer in a glass with lemon slice
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    Hard Seltzers are Here: Our Favourite Picks

    Hard seltzers have taken the liquor industry by storm in the past few years. If you’ve visited your local liquor store lately, you’ll notice dozens of new brands and legacy beer brands with their own spin-off. The industry is booming, […]

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  • 5 mocktail recipes to make at home
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    5 Mocktail Recipes to Make at Home

    Whether you’re participating in Dry Feb, stepping up to be the designated driver, or just taking a break from alcohol, there are plenty of good reasons to mix in a mocktail. Maybe you’re forgoing alcohol in order to feel clean […]

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  • Sunday Meat Draw at Billy Miner
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    Meat Draws for the SPCA at Billy Miner Alehouse

    It’s officially Spring time, and for Maple Ridge resident that means time to dust of the barbeque and get ready for a season of grilling under the sun with your friends and family. If that sounds like something you’re interested […]

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