Join us at the Billy Miner Alehouse in Maple Ridge

Where the train whistle blows and the Fraser River flows

The tale of Billy Miner is richly storied through his way to becoming “The Gentleman Bandit“. Those same train tracks run right past our front door, affording you a glimpse of this rich outlaw history. The massive freight trains roar by while the gently flowing Fraser River poses as a serene and picturesque backdrop. This isn’t just another gentrified tourist trap; Billy Miner provides an authentic alehouse experience that is steeped in its own heritage.


Billy Miner

Domestic craft brew

Billy Miner is first and foremost an alehouse, which means we really love good beer. We’ve partnered with our favourite domestic craft breweries to bring you some of the finest seasonal flavours you’ve ever sampled. If you don’t have a reason to celebrate, the beer itself might just give you reason enough to raise your glass one more time.

At Billy Miner, everybody really does know your name! Our own staff are regulars when they’re not working, and we aim to create a sense of belonging and community with our guests. It’s easy to find reasons to celebrate too, since we’ve always got something fresh and new on our rotating tap.

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Billy Miner

Visit the Ale House

A good neighborhood hangout where the food is as authentic as the clientele is hard to come by. Whether it’s for dinner with the family or drinks after work, we invite you to take a load off, watch the trains go by and feel yourself at home!

22355 River Road,
Maple Ridge, BC V2X 2C5

Monday to Thursday: 11am-9pm
Friday & Saturday: 11am-10pm
Sunday: 11am-9pm

Take out available.

Music Bingo every Tuesday 7pm
Karaoke every Wednesday 6pm
Trivia Night every Thursday 7pm

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