Our Top BBQ Tips to Kickoff the Season

flipping meat on flaming grill

June is finally here, and grilling season is back – it’s time for your barbeque to come out of hibernation and join in on the summer fun. Once you whip that cover off and get your barbeque into position, it’s almost time to get grilling again.

In this article, we’re going to share our best barbeque tips to help you get prepped and ready for the season, grill some delicious food, and be the best barbeque host you can be.


The Early Stages

If you’re getting ready to fire up the grill for the first time this season, there are a few steps you should take to prepare. Maintenance is key in order to reach your peak grilling potential while keeping everyone safe.

If you’re using a gas barbeque, you’re going to want to check in on that hose, which has the ability to catch fire if it isn’t properly cared for. If there’s any build up on the hose, you’ll definitely want to clean that off. And if it’s looking torn or showing holes, it doesn’t hurt to replace it for just a few dollars.

If your barbeque is propane, you should also be checking the hose. And don’t forget to refill your propane! Remember, purchasing a new tank costs more than double what it would to refill an existing one, so dig out your old tank if you’ve got one.

The other area to check for is the grease trap underneath your grill. This trap has been catching gunk for who knows how long, so chances are it’s overdue for a clean. Dump out all the old gunk and line it with some strong aluminum foil.


Keep Cold Drinks Nearby

cooler full of cold drinks

Being the grill master is a demanding job. Not only will you feel the heat emanating of the barbeque – you’re also feel the building pressure from your guests to cook that meat just right. There’s a lot on the line.

That’s why no barbeque session is complete without cold drinks. The grill master needs their drinks to be not only cold, but nearby. There’s no time to be running inside and fussing about – the grill demands constant attention. That’s why a cooler or some type of storage is well worth the investment. You’ll be able to keep yourself refreshed while supplying drinks to your helpers and onlookers. Get a cooler all setup outside, fill it with ice, and stock up on your favourite cold bevies from your local liquor store.



skewers with mixed vegetables

To be the best griller you can be, you’re going to need the tools to get the job done. Plus, the right accessories will just make life easier.

To start, you’re going to need a strong wire brush. Don’t be afraid to spend a bit on a quality brush – want something that will last multiple seasons with the ability to remove any type of buildup without shedding wires all over the grill. If the threat of fallen wires has you feeling uneasy, you can always opt for a wood grill scraper. You’re also going to want a quality flipper and nice set of tongs for the grilling action, plus a meat thermometer will save you plenty of guesswork and improperly cooked meat!

Next it’s time to get ready for the annual scrub. Cleaning is an important part of the process, because all kinds of things might’ve been growing under that lid in your absence. You’ll need a quality cleaning brush, some type of steel cleaner, and some sandpaper.



The first thing you’ll want to do is remove those mucky grills so you can access the burners. Take the burners out of the barbeque clean them of blockages and buildup, ad before returning them, take a spatula and scrape off any excess grease from the base of your barbeque towards the drip pan.

Once your burners are back in place, take the grills to your sink ad give them a good clean with warm soapy water. You want to aim for those grease spots and any buildup. To take things a step further, you can even apply stainless steel protector directly to the grill plates before returning them back to the grill.


Cooking Tips

seasoning meat skewers on the BBQ

Cooking on the barbecue is one of the best ways to consume food, period. Of course you have the delicious flavour that cannot be duplicated by any other cooking method. But the actual method is unique in that the meat retains its juices while excess fat melts off. Even if you’re just cooking vegetables, the grill is the best place to put them. Here are some barbeque heating tips:

  • Chicken drumsticks
    • Cook time: 30-35 minutes
    • BBQ temp: 350-450°F
    • Meat temp: At least 185°F
  • Veg skewers
    • Cook time: 5-8 minutes
    • BBQ temp: 350-400°F
  • Beef burgers
    • 8-10 minutes for medium doneness (5-7 minutes for medium rare)
    • Cook temp: 400-475°F
    • Meat temp: At least 145°F (135°F for medium rare)
  • Salmon
    • 5-7 minutes on the skin side, then flip for another 1-2 minutes
    • Cook temp: 400-450°F
    • Meat temp: 125-130°F


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