The Farm, the forno, and the food.

Creating new and unique menu items utilizing fresh, locally sourced ingredients is always
on top of mind in our kitchens. Our Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly Menus include dishes
developed specifically for our vegan and vegetarian customers.

Wild Boar & Berkshire Pork

The Wild Boar and Berkshire Pork used in our pizza’s and burgers are pasture fed and raised at Noble Pig Ranch in Columbia Valley and are used to uphold a “circle of life” philosophy.

Reduced Food Waste

The spent grain from our two Springs Group breweries; Hearthstone Brewery, Mission Springs Brewery, and the organic waste from our 4 pubs is our Wild Boars and pigs main source of food.

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Wood Fired ovens imported from Napoli, Italy Wood Fired ovens imported from Napoli, Italy

Award Winning Beer

Beer is Art. Expression. It should be interpretive, to a degree. That’s part of our process. All of the beers we make are almost entirely inspired by beers we’ve drank, beers we’ve loved, those beers that get you thinking, the ones that take you by surprise. It’s important to remember those beers. They drive our passion. We want our beers to be remembered, to change people’s perception of what, for example, they think a certain beer does or should taste like.

Our craft brewery defines itself through its committed pursuit of innovation, quality and passion in the production of beer. That means that no corners are ever cut, and every beer you drink only contains quality ingredients carefully proportioned by brewers to create unique beer and add the Hearthstone signature. The craft of brewing goes back centuries, and we hold traditional methods close to heart in our beer-making process while striving to innovate and push boundaries in brewing using new and different ingredients.

We’ve got Polish hops swimming in our classic and crisp pilsner.A smart brewed rice lager which turns out an easy drinking beer with virtually no gluten. Our IPA is our ‘is that hoppy enough for you’ beer; you’ve been warned! If you like ’em thick and strong, dig into a Chocolate Milk Stout.

We also roll out a hearty selection of seasonal brewskies endorsed by such illustrious celebrities as, Cool Hand Cuke and Mr. Fungi. Can’t decide? Come by, relax, and savour a hand-picked flight of tasters.

Our distinguished brewers hail from a wide breadth of experience. From Scotland’s Brewdog Brewery in Aberdeen, a legend of craft brew lore, to the high alpine mountains of the Whistler Brewing Company, our team is hand-picked for their deep knowledge, creative passion and an ability to craft unique, stand- out recipes. It’s this creative passion that has allowed us to bring to life, some highly unique beers.


Chocolate Milk Stout

2017 Gold Medal for best Stout in BC


Hearthstone Pilsner

2016 Silver Medal for European-style Lager


Hearthstone IPA

2015 Bronze Medal for Best IPA in BC

We brew beer with a purpose

We brew our beer to accompany food and that is where the pizza comes in! We have malty, mildly bitter beers that go hand in hand with the rich, slightly sweet tomato sauce, we have highly bitter yet light ales to compliment fiery, peppery cured meats, we have crisp, lightly floral pilsners that enrich the more delicate flavours of mozza and herbs.

Our Tap Rooms

We hope that our taprooms will be the home of many, where new friends
will be met, milestones celebrated and memories made.

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We know you’re busy, which is why we are excited to offer liquor and food delivery through Skip the Dishes and Uber Eats at select liquor stores and restaurants.

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