Cool Down With These Sweet July Drink Specials

raspberry lemonade vodka

July is here – that means long days at the lake, cold drinks, vacations, sunburns, and everything else you love to do under the summer sun. We’ve had a prolonged, unusually cold and damp Spring, so it’s time to enjoy the long-awaited sunshine.

Luckily, Springs Group liquor stores have an entirely new assortment of deals lined up, just in time for July and the heat of summer. You’ll probably be spending the rest of the month doing everything you can to cool off, so why not pick up some refreshments. To help you stay cool, we’ve placed a heavy emphasis on seltzers, beer, and mixed drinks for our July sale – best enjoyed cold!

Plus, skip to the bottom of this post and you’ll find a refreshing, sweet drink recipe to help you cool off during those hot July days!


* NOTE: Must be 19+. Any listed prices do not include applicable taxes and deposits



Mixed Drinks & Seltzers

  • Ronald’s Vodka Orange (6-pack): Save $1! Plus, enter to win a retro cooler!

Ronald's vodka orange 6 pack July sale

  • Nearly Nude Tropical or Fruit Splash (6-pack): Save $1.50!

Nearly Nude 6 pack July sale

  • Coors Seltzer Mixer & Splash Pack (12-pack): Save $2!Plus, enter to win a Coors Seltzer paddle board!

Coors Seltzer July sale 12 pack

  • Nutrl Mixer (12-pack): Save $2.50!Plus, enter to win Smart Luggage!

Nutrl 12 pack July sale

  • Nude Vodka Mixer (12-pack): Save $2!
  • Nude Strawberry Kiwi (6-pack): Save $1!
  • White Claw Watermelon & Raspberry (6-pack): Save $1!
  • Motts Clamato Spicy & Pickled Bean (6-pack): Save $1!
  • Smirnoff Ice & Ice Seltzer (12-pack): Save $1!
  • Smirnoff Berry Blast (6-pack): Save $1!


Hold My Beers:

  • Molson Canadian (24-pack): Save $6!

Molson Canadian 24 pack July sale

  • Corona (12-pack): Save $3!

Corona 12 pack July sale

  • Old Milwaukee (8-pack): Save $1! – Plus, enter to win a branded rolling cooler seat!

Old Milwaukee July 8 pack sale

  • Steamworks Mashup (8-pack): Save $1!

Steamworks July mashup 8 pack sale

  • Budweiser (15-pack): Save $2!
  • Red Truck Lager (8-pack): Save $1!
  • Red Truck Pickup Pack (12-pack): Save $2!
  • Red Truck Paloma Grapefruit Wheat (8-pack): Save $1!
  • Steamworks Shades of lager (8-pack): Save $1!


Get into the Summer Spirits

  • Captain Morgan Spiced (750ml glass): Save $2!- Plus, enter to win a Captain Morgan adult pool!

Captain Morgan Spiced July sale

  • Smirnoff Berry Blast (750ml): Save $1!
  • Stoli (750ml): Save $2!
  • Soli (1.75L): Save $2.50!


Summertime Wine

  • Screw It Pinot Gris (750ml): On Sale for $7.99!

Screw It Pinot Gris July sale

  • Screw It Pinot Gris (2L pouch): Save $2.45!


Single Can Specials

  • Steamworks Pilsner (473ml): Save 50 cents!
  • Black Fly Tequila Marg (473ml): Save 30 cents!
  • Black Fly Long Island Tea (473ml): Save 30 cents!
  • Black Fly Grapefruit Gin Fizz (473ml): Save 30 cents!
  • Black Fly Watermelon Gin Fizz (473ml): Save 30 cents!
  • Screw It Peach Spritzer (single can): Save 30 cents!


Everyday Low Value Specials

The items below remain on sale at all stores. Stock up!

  • Get a 6-pack of Cariboo for only $8.49 (regularly $10.79)
  • Pick up a Coors Light 15-pack for $26.49 (regularly $28.99)
  • Grab a 12-pack of Coors Seltzer Mixer or Splash Pack for just $26.49 (regularly $28.99)
  • Pick up a 15-pack of Sleeman Original for $25.29 (regularly $27.79)


Raspberry Vodka Lemonade

This sweet but tart raspberry lemonade made with vodka is the perfect drink to help you cool off and relax during those scorching hot July afternoons. This recipe for two is an easy one, and it doesn’t even require a blender.

Today we’ll be making our own lemonade, but if you’re feeling extra fatigued from the heat or are in a rush, feel free to use store bought lemonade.

To start, juice a lemon into a pitcher. Then take about 1 cup of water and mix with some sugar in a separate bowl – add the sugar in slowly and add as much as your sweet tooth requires. Give it a good whisk, and BAM! You’ve got homemade simple syrup. Next, mix your simple syrup into your pitcher with the lemon juice.

Now throw in a good handful of raspberries and a few ounces of your favourite vodka, and give it one more good mix. If it’s not quite sweet enough, sprinkle in some more sugar or lemon juice.

If you’re feeling extra patient, throw your raspberry vodka lemonade into the fridge for a couple hours before enjoying. Then, grab a couple mason jars if you have some, fill them with ice, and pour your drinks. Enjoy!

raspberry vodka lemonade July recipe



  • Your favourite vodka (Stoli is $2 off at Springs Group liquor store locations!)
  • 1 handful of raspberries
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 cup water
  • Sugar to taste
  • Ice


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