Jumping Jehoshaphat it’s the Joyous January Drink Specials

Warm-up your winter with some of these cozy drink specials! We’re featuring some terrific products to start 2021 off with a BANG, including a wine special for just $7.99 a bottle! That’ll keep your blood pumping.

Come visit us in store to see our in store giveaways! Don’t forget masks are mandatory!

* NOTE: Must be 19+. Any listed prices do not include applicable taxes and deposits


Wine Promo

Okanagan Cider

  • Get a 6-pack of ANY OK Cider for only $11.99 (regularly $12.99)
  • Get a 2 L of OK Crisp Apple for only $9.99


Bud 24 of Bottles special


  • Get a 24-pack of 355ml cans for $38.49 EVERYDAY LOW VALUE
  • Get a 24-pack of Lucky Lager for $2 dollars off – Free socks with purchase while supplies last


Driftwood Brewery

  • Get a 650ml bottle of Fat Tug for $7.99 (Everyday Low Price)
  • Get a 4-pack of Fat Tug for $14.49 (regularly $14.99)
  • Get a 6-pack of Fat Tug for $14.99 (regularly $15.49)
  • Get an 8-pack of Fat Tug for Fat Tug Swash Fall (or seasonals) $24.49 (regularly $24.99)

Mark Anthony Wines

  • Get a 750ml bottle of Weekday Red Blend for only $7.99 (regularly $11.99)
  • Get a 750ml bottle of Weekday Pinot Gris for only $7.99 (regularly $11.99)


  • Get a 750 ml bottle of Ketel One Vodka for $32.99
  • Get a bottle of Tanqueray 1.14 L for $37.99
  • Get a bottle of Johnnie Walker 1.14 L for $41.99
  • Get a bottle Bulleit 750 ml for $37.99


  • Get 6-packs of Nude Peach for only $13.99 (regularly $14.99)
  • Get 6-packs of Nude Strawberry Kiwi for only $13.99 (regularly $14.99)

Steamworks Brewery

  • Get an 8-pack of Hazy Pale Ale for $14.99 (regularly $15.99)
  • Get an 8-pack of Pale Ale for $14.99 (regularly $15.99)

Polar Ice vodka sale

Polar Ice Vodka

  • Get a 750ml bottle for $21.49 (regularly $23.99)
  • Get a 375ml bottle for $10.99 (regularly $12.49)

Tall Can Special!

  • Get a tall can of Steamworks Pale Ale for $2.00
  • Get a tall can of Hey Y’all Tea for $2.49



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