January 2024 Drink Specials: Price Drops on Wine, Beer & Pink Lemonade

January 2024 drink specials

With snow covering the southwestern section of the province, January has become the coziest month of the season so far. Warm blankets, winter boots, toques, stews and soups paired with favourites from your local liquor store. This time of year is perhaps the best for spending time on the couch, whether you’re getting into new show or gearing up for the Super Bowl.

For the month of January, Springs Group’s 14 liquor stores are featuring a big selection of beer and wine on special, plus some yummy pink lemonade drinks. On top of that, we’ll be giving away a couple prizes this month. One lucky winner will be getting a Super Bowl Part Home Upgrade, while another will be winning a branded Guinness jacket.

If you’re not yet a Springs Group VIP member, this is your sign – members earn double the points on a sale items. That means on every product in this article, you’ll earn more points towards cash back and gift cards. To become a member, all you have to do is visit one of our 14 liquor stores and sign up with your phone number. Learn more about becoming a member here: VIP Points Loyalty Program.

To kick off the new year, here’s our full list of January promotions:


* NOTE: Must be 19+. Any listed prices do not include applicable taxes and deposits.

* Availability and prizes may vary by location. 




Black Sage Shiraz save $5

  • Black Sage Vineyard Shiraz (750ml): Save $5

Bask boxed wine January 2024 promo

  • BASK Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir & Sauvignon Blanc (3L): Save $3

wine promo January 2024

  • Wine Special: Bottles for $9.99 each



Budweiser Super Bowl Part home upgrade promo

  • Budweiser (24-pack): Save $3  Plus, enter to win a Super Bowl Party Home Upgrade!

Guinness free glass with purchase January 2024

  • Guinness (8-pack): Save $1  Plus, get a free glass with purchase!

Molson Ultra save $4

  • Molson Ultra (15-pack): Save $4

Red Truck IPA January

  • Red Truck IPA (tall can): $2.99 each

Red Truck Lager January

  • Red Truck Lager (tall can): $2.99 each 


Ready-to-Drink Mixers:

Nude pink lemonade January promo

  • Nude Pink Lemonade (6-pack): Save $1

Nude Vodka Soda 12-pack January 2024

  • Nude Vodka Soda (12-pack): Save $2


Everyday Low Price:

everyday low price items January 2024

  • Polar Ice (375ml): $11.51

  • Polar Ice (750ml): $22.78

  • Wisers Special (375ml): $11.56

  • Wisers Special (750ml): $22.31

  • Sleeman Clear (15-pack): Save $3

  • Cariboo (6-pack): $9.43
  • Cariboo (12-pack): $17.21


Earn Double VIP Points!

VIP points all January

All month long, Springs Group VIP Members will earn double the points on all sale item purchases! To become a member and take advantage of this limited time offer, simply visit your local Springs Group liquor store and sign up with your phone number. To learn more about the VIP membership, visit: VIP Points Loyalty Program.


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