Support The Renovation and Refurbishment of The Bellevue!


The Bellevue Hotel has been an iconic feature of Mission since 1935.

Over decades the Bellevue has fallen into disrepair and the Mission Springs liquor store was moved following the sale of the building in 2012. The once proud building is now vacant with only the former Stage space in use as a homeless shelter.

We have been trying for years to find an economic use for the building. We have spent a huge amount of money on comprehensive plans to bring the entire building up to todays code and have submitted these for building permit. Much more has been spent on cleaning up environmental problems from the previous gas station.

The value of this project EXCEEDS FIVE MILLION DOLLARS!

To gain the support of our bankers we need the Cannabis Retail business and the associated retail traffic and revenue this will attract. The downtown vacancy rate is obviously extremely high. The City has expended considerable capital to rejuvenate the street scape.

We are looking to be involved with the district developing a new “WEST GATE” tower on our surplus property.

The recent legalization of cannabis and Cannabis Retail Outlets provides that cash flow possibility.

We have applied to the District of Mission for a retail cannabis store to be located in the former liquor store. Our plan, if approved, is a full refurbishment of the entire block.

This rebuild would include Cheeky’s Cannabis Merchants and several retail/commercial units, office space and 25 new affordable apartments. We would consolidate our Springs Group head office into the building bringing 14 additional jobs into the downtown.

Let your Mission city council know!

There are 5 applications for cannabis outlets in Mission, 3 in the downtown. Mission Council has stated that only 1 of 3 will be approved. The public can comment until June 19th, then Council will decide which one will proceed.

The property tax revenue from this rejuvenation will far exceed the benefits of any other application.

If you see that the refurbishment of the Bellevue is in the best interests of the community, please let Council know that you support our cannabis application by letting them know of your support by email at!