Saucy St. Patrick’s Day Events & Drink Specials at Springs Group

The month of March brings with it St. Patrick’s Day. If you’re one of those green beer lovers who treat March 17th like more than just a cultural or religious holiday, well then we we have some saucy drink sales, promotions and prizes just for you! But first, some specific educational info on this holy of days.


Why Do We Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated around the world as both a cultural event and a religious one. The holiday is actually about a real person in history, not a mythical Irish leprechaun. Saint Patrick lived between 385-461 AD, and March 17th is known to be the traditional day that he died. St. Patrick’s Day started as a religious commemoration meant to celebrate the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. The day was made the official Christian “feast day” in the early 17th century, and although it began as a religious celebration, the day is now recognized and celebrated around the world by all kinds of cultures and religions!


Upcoming Events Across Springs Group Locations

Springs Group has a number of special events going on this month and for St. Patrick’s Day.


The “Happy Hour” Band at Billy Miner Brewpub Restaurant!

Come enjoy some live music at our Billy Miner brewpub restaurant for St. Patrick’s Day, and take advantage of our “band happy hour” drink specials too! We’ll also have some green beer, of course.

Happy Hour Band - Billy Miner Brew Pub Restaurant



Visit the Mission Springs Booth at The Gnarly Barley Festival March 14th!

The first annual Gnarley Barley Festival is being held this Saturday March 14th, and Springs Group will have a booth there for Missions Springs! Breweries across the Fraser Valley will be featured, plus there will be live music and entertainment running throughout the event.

DATE: Saturday – March 14th, 2020   |   TIME: 7:00PM to 10:00PM   |   LOCATION: Abbotsford Centre

Missions Springs will also be serving green beer on Tuesday March 17th for St. Patrick’s Day as well!



March Drink Deals & Prizes At Springs Group Liquor Stores

Springs Group also has a number of drink deal promos and prize giveaways going on across our liquor store locations too, as usual!



8 tall cans for only $23.49 (regular $24.99)

Guinness Glassware + Soccer Shirt Giveaway!

Take home a fancy Guinness beer glass with any Guinness tall can purchase, plus enter for the chance of winning a snazzy Guinness soccer shirt jersey too!

Guinness Glass and Soccer Jersey Shirt Giveaway





Baileys 750ml bottle for only $29.99 (regular $30.99)


Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan 750ml bottle for only $38.99 (regular $40.99)

Captain Morgan Pet 750ml bottle for only $38.99 (regular $40.99)


Apothic Wine

Apothic Cab/Sauv bottles for only $16.99 (regular $17.99)


Barefoot Wine

Barefoot Pink Pinot Gris for only $10.99 (regular $11.99)

Barefoot Pinot Gris for only $10.99 (regular $11.99)

Barefoot Moscato for only $10.99 (regular $11.99)

Barefoot wine sales and deals BC





Jager 750ml for only $34.49 (regular $36.49)


Innis & Gunn

Original 6 bottles for only $16.49 (regular $17.49)


Red Truck Vodka Soda

Remix Mixer 12 cans for only $24.99 (regular $26.99)

Remix Blood Orange Tangerine 8 cans for only $16.49 (regular $17.49)

Remix Lemon Lime 8 cans for only $16.49 (regular $17.49)

Remix Raspberry 8 cans for only $16.49 (regular $17.49)

Remix Mango Passion 8 cans for only $16.49 (regular $17.49)



Kokanee 24 cans for only $35.99 (regular $39.99)

Corona 12 bottles for only $26.49 (regular $28.99)





Heineken 12 bottles for only $26.49 (regular $28.99)

Heineken 24 bottles for only $47.99 (regular $51.99)

Coors 24 cans Branded Anniversary Pack for only $39.99 (regular $36.99)


Till Specials

Faxe Lager toonie can special for only $2.00

Red Truck Lager toonie can special for only $2.00

Guinness 500ml special – buy 2 for only $5.00


Everyday Value Promos

  • Budweiser 24 cans case for only $36.99
  • Alberta Pure vodka and premium rye 750ml for only $21.49
  • Alberta Pure vodka and premium rye 375ml for only $10.99
  • MGD 12 bottles for only $22.49
  • Sleeman Original 15 cans for only $23.49
  • Cariboo 12-cans pack for only $15,99 or a 6-cans pack for only $7.99
  • Hardy’s Stamp Riesling and Shiraz/Cab 750ml for only $9.99




Order via Uber Eats or Skip The Dishes from Home, Work, or School!

If you feel like staying home this year for St. Patrick’s Day, that’s OK because you can still enjoy delicious Springs Group drinks and food! We have partnered-up with Skip The Dishes and Uber Eats, so now you can have our awesome menu items delivered right to you! Don’t stress, just order from Springs Group using Skip The Dishes or Uber Eats today!

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