September Drink Promos and Prizes Still On At Springs Group

We always have awesome drink promotions and prizes up for grabs at our Springs Group liquor stores, and every month these drink promos and prizes get updated too. Usually running until the end of the month means that there’s still time to take advantage of our September drink promotions, and there’s time to win prizes too! See below for what’s still up for grabs this month, and come by any of our liquor stores before September 29th to take advantage of them.



Bacardi Drink Promotions

  • Breezer Day Citrus Mimosa for only $10.49 (regular price $11.49)
  • Breezer Sparkling Rasp/Lemon for only $12.99 (regular price $13.99)
  • Breezer Sparkling Peach/Honey for only $12.99 (regular price $13.99)


Bacardi Peach Honey Breezer


  • Bacardi Spiced Rum 750ml for only $25.99 (regular price $26.99)
  • Bacardi White Rum 750ml for only $22.99 (regular price $23.99)


Bacardi White Rum


Authentic Drink Promotions

  • Masi Prosecco for only $16.99 (regular price $18.99)
  • Masi Pino Grigio for only $13.49 (regular price $15.49)




Driftwood Brewery Prize Giveaways

Enter To Win 15+ Flats, and you’ll receive a Drfitwood Swag Pack with a cool hoodie, t-shirt, hat and more!

Enter To Win 40+ Flats, and you’ll receive a Drfitwood Swag Pack + a thermal cup & Fjallraven Kanken Backpack! 

Fjallraven Kanken backpack


Everyday Value Promos

  • Weasels Den 15 cans for only $17.49, and Sneaky Weasel 6 cans for only $7.99
  • Alberta Pure vodka and premium rye 750ml for only $21.49
  • Alberta Pure vodka and premium rye 375ml for only $11.00
  • MGD 12PB for only $21.49
  • Hardy’s Stamp Reisling/Gew and Shiraz/Cab for only $9.99
  • Bud 24 cans for only $34.99
  • Sleeman Original 15 cans for only $22.99


Sleeman Beer Sale


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