November Specials Filled With Nourishing Nitecap-Worthy Notables

Wow, we’ve just been through quite a weather-bomb, hey? We hope that everyone is safe and well. With the temp cooling more and more and the short days, we start to look to some warmer splashes of drink to pour in our glasses to warm our bellies.

Scan all the way to the bottom of the drink list for a wonderful cocktail recipe to warm you up on these cool nights.

Alright, alright, we get it. Enough yammering hit us with the deals!

* NOTE: Must be 19+. Any listed prices do not include applicable taxes and deposits


What’s up in beer town?

  • Corona 12 bottles and 12 cans save $2.00 sale price $27.99 – Enter to win a snowboard!

Corona cases on sale

  • Red Truck Lager 8 cans save $1.00 – sale price $14.99

Red Truck Lager on sale

Cider is making a comeback

Perhaps a Crown Float is in your future?

  • Strongbow 8-Pack of tall-cans save $1.00 – sale price $20.99

Strongbow on sale

Getting into the um, spirit of the season

  • Bacardi Spice 750ml save $3.00 – sale price $25.99

Bacardi Spiced Rum no sale

  • Bombay 750ml save $1.00 – sale price $28.99

Bombay sapphire on sale

  • Stoli Vodka 750ml save $2.00 – sale price $25.49
  • Smirnoff 750ml save $1.00 – sale price $23.99 – Enter to win a patio heater
  • Absolut 1.14 save $2.00 – sale price $37.99

Absolut Vodka save $2

No time to whine, it’s wine time

  • Screw It 1.5 wines save $2.00 – sale price $16.99

This image is so good, we wanted to show you again. We’re with you!


Totally tempting toonie tall can sale.

  • Red Truck Lager 473ml can – sale price $1.99

Don’t Forget About Our Always On Sale Wines!

Springs Group Wine Sale


Every Day Low Price

These beauties are always on sale. Load up and enjoy the holiday season.

  • Get a 6-pack of Cariboo for only $8.49 (regularly $10.49)
  • Get a 12-pack of Cariboo for only $15.99 (regularly $18.49)
  • Grab a two-four of Sleemans Original for only $37.49 (regularly $39.49)
  • Grab a ‘mickey’ of Polar Ice 375ml for only $10.99 (regularly $12.49)
  • Pick up a bottle of Polar Ice Pet 750ml for only $21.49 (regularly $23.99)
  • Pick up a ‘mickey’ of Wisers Special 375ml for only 10.99 (regularly 12.49)
  • Grab a bottle of Wisers Special 750ml for only 21.49 (regularly 23.99)
  • Grab a bottle of Bols Vodka 375ml for only $10.99 (regularly 12.49)
  • Grab a bottle of Bols Vodka 750ml for only 21.49 (regularly 23.99)
  • Coors Light 15 cans – on sale for $24.99


A Classic Comfort Drink with a Kick

Warm yourself by the fire with this delectable fan favourite. It can’t get simpler than this, it’s the classic Irish Coffee. However, rather than just dumping in a hand-poured serving of Baileys into your coffee, this delectable drinkypoo adds a tidge of butterscotch schnaps for an extra layer of sweet yumminess. It’s pretty straightforward. For this, you want to brew up a cup of your favourite coffee drink. You’ll want a nice rich cappuccino or a long espresso so the coffee flavours blend nicely with the booze. There’s also no harm in brewing up some decaf! There are a great many excellent decaf espresso beans out there to grind up for this beauty.


Baileys Irish Cream Coffee Recipe

  • Try warming your brew mug first with warm water so your amazing drink stays warmer, longer.
  • Drop-in 1 ounce smokey Irish whiskey.
  • Add 1 ounce of Baileys Irish Cream. Because you have some from our sale, right?
  • Add in .5oz ounce of butterscotch schnapps. You could bump this to 1oz if you’re down with butterscotch but we want this to be a delicate note against the rest of the flavours.
  • Finally, pour in 3-4 ounces of your chosen coffee brew and give it a stir.

We don’t go for the frumpy whipped cream and drizzle, we just want the warm drink. However, if that’s your jam, glorp a heap of whipped cream into your cup and drizzle some caramel over it or poof some cinnamon on top for an even sweeter yummy flavour level.

  • Cozy up in front of the fire, or with a friend and enjoy.

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