Libation Bargains for May: Beaches, BBQ & Beer

father and daughter walking on beach

With the May flowers out if full force, it’s beginning to look like the rain weather is behind us for the season. With temperatures this month already reaching the high twenties and even brushing 30, the Lower Mainland is in for an early summertime. The air conditioning units have been turned on, the BBQs have been fired up, and the crowds are making their way to the beach for that first kiss from the sun.

With the BBQ and beach season off to an early start, our suppliers are already beginning to make the giveaway prizes rain down on each Springs Group liquor store location across the Lower Mainland. We’ve got everything from frisbee games to scooters to patio chairs to give away to lucky purchasers of select beverages.

In this article we’re going to feature everything on special for the month of May. We’ve got plenty of beer and mixers on sale that’ll go perfectly with the rising temperatures – whether you’re camping, beachgoing or watching playoff sports. Here’s what we’ve got at each Springs Group liquor store in May:


* NOTE: Must be 19+. Any listed prices do not include applicable taxes and deposits




With May really bringing the heat, it’s officially cold beer season! Whether you prefer your beers on the beach, by the BBQ or in front of the TV watching playoff sports, we’ve got a healthy selection of beers on sale for the month:

  • Corona (12-pack bottles): Save $3! Plus, enter to win a Corona Patio Chair (one per location)

Corona 12-pack bottles May

  • Corona (12-pack cans): Save $3!

Corona cans save $3

  • Coors (15-pack): Save $2!

Coors save $2 in May

  • Red Truck Lager (8-pack): Save $1!

Red Truck save $1 in May


Mixed Drinks:

As people look for alternatives to beer, mixed drinks and seltzers are growing in popularity. And it’s easy to see why when you hear about some of these fruity flavours. Almost every brand has their hand in the mixed drink or seltzer game! Here’s what’s on special for May:

  • Vizzy Hard Seltzers (12-pack): Save $2!

Vizzy Hard Seltzer save $2

  • Black Fly Mix Pack (12-pack): Save $1! Plus, enter to win a Kan Jam Frisbee game!

Black Fly variety pack save $1

  • Nude Mix Pack (12-pack): Save $1!

Nude variety 6 pack save $1

  • Nude Mix Pack (6-pack): Save $1!



During the month of May at your nearest Springs Group liquor store, you can save big on wine. We’ve got some big sales happening on wine for 4L boxes, big 1.5L bottles and regular sized bottles. Here’s what on promo:

  • Pellar Estates Proprietor’s Reserve Pinot Grigio (4L): Save $4!

Pellar Pinot Gris save $4

  • Pellar Estates Proprietor’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon (1.5L): Save $1.50!

Peller Estates Cab Sauv save $1.50

  • Wine sale on select bottles: Just $9.99 each!

May wine sale $9.99



  • Stoli Vodka (1.14L): Save $3!

Stoli 1.14L save $3 June


Everyday Low Price:

Every day low price products are back! Not included in our monthly promotion, these items are priced incredibly – every day, all month long. Here’s what we’ve got for May:

every day low price items for May

  • Remix (12-pack): $23.99!
  • Cariboo (6-pack): $8.79!
  • Cariboo (12-pack): $16.99!
  • Coors Light (15-pack): $16.99!
  • Heineken (12 bottles): $27.99!
  • Heineken (12-pack): $27.99!
  • Pabst Tea (12-pack): $22.99!
  • Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc (750ml): $19.99!
  • Oyster Bay Pinot Gris (750ml): $19.99!
  • Polar Ice (750ml): $21.99!
  • Polar Ice (375ml): $11.49!
  • Wisers Special Blend (375ml): $11.79!


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