December Food Drive to Help Local Food Banks

Springs Group is pulling out all the stops to help some of the less fortunate in our community enjoy a little bit of good will this holiday season. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, food banks have been unable to accept food donations from the public. This has hit them very hard. What’s even more disheartening is that many of their volunteers belong to a high-risk category, which has put a great deal of additional pressure on those brave and considerate volunteers who are still able to lend a hand.

Here are a few more details regarding the plight of BC’s food banks:

  • As mentioned, there has been a drastic reduction in staffing through a slowdown in volunteers, both in high-risk elderly and parents who must now watch their children full-time while maintaining social distancing and related requirements.
  • Food banks have had to cancel food drives due to the additional demand on the staff, and so, have seen a 50% drop in food donations.
  • Many locations are working with a maximum of about a 2-week supply of food for needy families and individuals.
  • Many smaller food bank locations have had to close in order to consolidate efforts into larger spaces with fewer people. This puts an additional burden on those needing help, as they are required to travel much further for assistance.
  • Food banks are seeing a 20-35% increase in need, coupled with a significant drop in donations.
  • Children who used to rely on exceptional school lunch programs no longer have that meal.

The food banks need our help. Please consider donating anything to the cause when you shop at our stores. We are only able to take cash donations, but you can rest assured that 100% of your considerate contributions will be directed to your community food banks.

Visit any Springs Group location to lend your support, and please spread the word. This pandemic has affected everyone in some way, and some more than others. If you are able to contribute something, anything, we would be eternally grateful. It doesn’t matter how much. Even the smallest amount will ensure a child in your community has a dinner to look forward to.