Cinco De Mayo 2019 Deals at Springs Group Locations

The month of May is upon us, and that means a number of holidays are coming our way, and Cinco De Mayo is first up on May 5th! We have a number of deals and promotions going on across our Springs Group stores that can be taken advantage of during this month of celebrations, but before we get into the deals, let’s learn what Cinco De Mayo is all about a bit first.

A Little History on Cinco De Mayo

The significance of Cinco De Mayo is to celebrate the Mexican victory over French forces at the Battle Of Puebla on May 5th 1862. Cinco De Mayo is celebrated annually on the 5th of May, and has gone beyond just Mexico, with many countries joining in on the celebrations, including Canada! Ways people celebrate include attending parades, observing battle re-enactment events, as well as partaking in the amazing Mexican food, music, and dancing that is often seen around Cinco De Mayo too.

Cinco De Mayo singer

Springs Group Deals for Cinco De Mayo

We have a number of deals and promotions going on in May that can be used for Cinco De Mayo celebrations. Read on to learn more about these deals, and we hope to see you soon at one of our Springs Group locations!




Rickards Radler 12 Packs

On sale for $1.50 off.


Steamworks Mash up, Flagship IPA and Tropical Tart

On sale for $1.00 off.


Corona 12 Packs

On sale for $1.50 off until May 6th!


Bud Light Flavours

On sale for $1.50 off as well.


Faxe Lager Singles

On sale for $1.99 off!


Tequila shots for Cinco De Mayo


Polar Ice

750ml on sale for $22.49, and 375ml on sale for $11.99.


Kronenbourg Blanc, 1664 and Rosé 6 Packs

All on sale for $1.00 off.


Barefoot Wines — Moscato, Pink Moscato, Pino Gris, Pink Pinot Gris.

All on sale for $1.00 off.


Russell Brewing Craft Lager

Customers will receive 100 VIP bonus points for each 6 pack.


New Springs group VIP Card 2019

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Happy Cinco De Mayo from Springs Group!

On behalf of everyone from our many Springs Group locations, we want to wish you a happy Cinco de Mayo 2019!




Fiesta Mexicana