Canada Day Fever Hits all Springs Group Liquor Stores

Recently we set out a friendly challenge across our network of liquor stores (find your nearest here: Our Liquor Stores). With Canada Day 151 fast approaching, we thought it might be a fun challenge to see which store could assemble the most Canadian display, given that we’re also promoting Sweet deals on Molson Canadian!

All Molson Canadian 15 packs and Two-Four’s are $2 off until July 2nd.

Our stores came through in a BIG WAY! We’ve assembled the displays below followed by their Facebook pages. Go check them out. Pages that get likes between now and July 1st just might get a boost in the ballot box! Let’s get the party started. In no particular order!

Location: Dollarton / Visit Facebook Page

  • Beavery and patriotic!

Location: The Outpost / Visit Facebook Page

  • Nice work planning the hockey on the TV!

Location: The Witch Liquor Store / Visit Facebook Page

  • Throwing some shade on the hottest selling beer this time of year!

Location: Liquor Quicker / Visit Facebook Page

  • Diggin’ the hockey feel! Nice work on the 151!

Location: City Hall / Visit Facebook Page

  • Ok, it’s going to be hard to top that Suckling Moose.

Location: Mission Springs / Visit Facebook Page

  • Okay, maybe that lounge area; that is some very creative ‘stackness’ work, right there.

Location: The Office / Visit Facebook Page

  • That’s a real beauty flag sculpture.

Location: The Other / Visit Facebook Page

  • Like, how’s it goin’ eh?! Take off hosers.

Location: Clayburn / Visit Facebook Page

  • Things are warming up nicely in this ‘campy’ display.

CB Canadian Display

Location: Little Mountain / Visit Facebook Page

  • A hearty pillar of Canuck Suds.

Cheers for looking, now go show your love on the page you like the best!!