August 2019 Drink Promotions and Prizes at Springs Group

To help keep the sweet smiles of summer fun rolling, Springs Group liquor stores have a number of drink promos and prizes going on during the month of August! Hurry before they end on August 26th though. Make sure you stop by one of our liquor stores soon! See below for the specific drink promotions and prizes we are featuring right now. Don’t forget to see if you can get your liquor delivered!


Corona 12 Bottles

Purchase and receive one of the following awesome giveaways –a FREE HAMMOCK or a FREE WATER BOTTLE!

Pack of 12 bottles for only $23.99 (regular price $28.49)


Coors Banquet 24 cans, & Coors Light In-Case Backpack

  • Purchase and receive a cool FREE T-SHIRT with Coors Banquet 24 cans pack!
  • Coors Banquet 24 cans for only $38.99 (regular price $41.99)
  • Coors Light in-case backpack for only $37.99 (regular price $39.99)


Belgian Moon 12 Cans

  • Purchase and receive a fancy FREE BRANDED GLASS!
  • Pack of 12 cans for only $20.99 (regular price $23.99)


Heineken 12 Bottles and 12 Cans

  • Purchase and receive a unique FREE SOCCER BALL!
  • Heineken 12 cans and 12 bottles for only $25.99 (regular price $27.99)

Heineken soccer ball promo


Canadian Value 8 Cans

Pack of 8 cans for only $13.99 (regular price $14.99)


Peller/Andres Bottles

XOXO PG/Chard & Rosé for only $11.49 (regular price $12.49)

Andrew Peller XOXO Pinot Grigio & Chardonnay promo


EJ Gallo Bottles

Longshot PG & Rosé for only $14.99 (regular price $16.99)


OK Ciders 6 Cans

  • Purchase and receive stylish FREE FLIP-FLOPS, & enter to win a handy FREE COOLER too!
  • Pack of 6 cans for only $11.49 (regular price $12.49)

OK Ciders Flip-Flop Sandals Giveaway



Faxe, Red Truck Lager, Bud Light Radler, and Somersby Rosé!

Toonie Tall Cans At The Can




Everyday Value Promos

  • Weasels Den 15 cans for only $17.49, and Sneaky Weasel 6 cans for only $7.99
  • Alberta Pure vodka and premium rye 750ml for only $21.49
  • Alberta Pure vodka and premium rye 375ml for only $11.00
  • MGD 12PB for only $21.49
  • Hardy’s Stamp Reisling/Gew and Shiraz/Cab for only $9.99
  • Bud 24 cans for only $34.99
  • Sleeman Original 15 cans for only $22.99
  • Coors Light 15 cans for only $23.49


Fire-pit party at the beach