3 Tasty Drink Recipes to Get You Rolling into Spring

collection of cocktails on a patio

Spring is in the air!

And even though that means wind, rain, and snow for most of the province, the season has changed.

March is behind us. You’ve filed your taxes (hopefully), and you’re no longer scraping ice off your windshield in the morning.

It’s time to relax.

Whether you’re lucky enough to enjoy the spring sunshine on an outdoor patio or you’re hiding from the spring rainfall from the comfort of your home, we’ve got you covered with three tasty cocktails.

It may not feel like spring – but it will taste like it.


1. Red Wine Spritzer

red wine being poured into glass

To kick off the spring season, you can’t go wrong with a red wine spritzer.

A red wine spritzer is the perfect patio refreshment to relax with at the end of a workday. But it’s also great for sharing – you can easily stretch one bottle of wine for 6-7 people with this recipe.

Not only is this drink totally delicious – it’s dead easy to make. On top of that, you won’t have to break the bank – no need to dust off the ancient fine wine taking cover downstairs.


What you need:

• Your favourite red wine

• Club soda

• Slice of lemon

• Ice



1. To start, fill your glass (or your jug) with ice.

2. Red wine is the base, but you can easily swap in white wine (or even use both if you’re feeling it). We suggest grabbing some of Gray Monk’s Merlot, which is on sale this April. The dark fruit flavours from the wine will really dance with the carbonation – a perfect pair.

3. Start with a healthy pour of wine, then fill up your glass with club soda. 1-to-1 works great for this drink, but you can decide what the tastiest ratio is. Pro tip: For an extra punch of flavour and a slight sugar high, replace your club soda with Sprite! Yum.

4. Give it a good mix!

5. Grab a lemon or citrus of your choice, slice it up, and decorate your glass. Now it looks good too!


2. Cherry Limeade Stoli Mule

mule cocktail in copper mug

Next on our spring drink list is the perfect cocktail for entertaining friends – the cherry limeade Stoli mule. This drink is sweet, refreshing, and actually pretty easy to make.

Mules are back, and they’re better than ever (especially with a fruity twist).

The real cocktail pros will have copper mugs that mules are typically served in. Not only do they look super cool and festive, they keep the drink ice cold. If you don’t have the copper mugs, we won’t tell. Tall glasses or even martini glasses will work great.


What you need:

• Stoli vodka

• Ginger beer

• 1 Lime

• Cherry juice

• Ice



1. To start, fill your mug or your glass with ice. If you’re with many friends, use a pitcher and supersize this recipe.

2. Next, add a shot of Stoli. If you need to re-stock, you can grab various sizes of Stoli for two bucks off this April!

3. Mix in about 8 ounces of your favourite ginger beer.

4. Add a couple of spoons of sweet cherry juice. Pro tip: The best cherry juice is found in the leftover maraschino cherry jar.

5. Squeeze in a lime, and you’re good to go!


3. Miller Lite Sangria

beer cocktail with garnish

Last on our list is the Miller Lite Sangria – our ideal drink for catching the first warm days of spring outside with friends and family. It’s refreshing, lightly carbonated, and juicy.

This is one you’ll have to take our word for. Beer and sangria are widely popular on their own, but sometimes get a bad rap when mixed together. Not fair!

The beer cocktail has been around since the ‘rum ration’ days. Sailor needed to stretch their daily rum allowance, so they’d often mix it with beer, sugar, and whatever else they could find. The beer cocktail has been around, and it’s here to stay. And is it ever delicious!


What you need:

• Miller Lite

• Your favourite brandy

• Lemon juice

• Concentrated fruit juice or nectar

• Frozen fruit



1. Grab a pitcher (or a bucket), and add your favourite brandy. Aim for 2 ounces of brandy for every can of beer you plan on adding.

2. Mix in some concentrated fruit juice. Peach or mango nectar would both be delicious.

3. Throw your concoction into the fridge overnight.

4. Take it out of the fridge and add your beer. Need more beer? Grab a 15-pack of Miller Lite for $3 off this month.

5. Throw in some frozen fruit to keep it cold and boost the flavour, and you’re ready to serve!


Remember, with each of these recipes, there is a lot of room for experimentation and customization. Try substituting different fruits and juices, and even play with the type of carbonation. After all, you’re the bartender!

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