3 Kinds of Sparkling Wines You Can POP Open This New Year’s Eve!

Another year has come and gone, but there’s still time to plan a proper New Year’s Eve celebration! Whether you have party plans or not, a classic way to welcome the new year is with a glass of champagne or sparkling wine. Here are 3 different sparkling wines to consider busting out & popping open this New Year’s Eve to give 2019 the warm welcome it deserves!

Champagne Options for New Years

Prosecco, Baby Canadian & Henkell

You might recognize the name Prosecco (the 2 bottles on the right in the photo below), but perhaps you don’t associate this sparkling wine with New Year’s Eve. This popular bubbly is an Italian white wine, and it’s name is derived from the Italian village of Prosecco near Trieste. The wine Prosecco is still a sparkling wine, so it’s still a great one to POP open on New year’s Eve! If you have something else for the stroke of 12, you might consider using your Prosecco earlier in the evening as the main ingredient for Bellini cocktails or Mimosas which are always crowd pleasers.

Baby Canadian & Henkell are by far the most popular ‘sparklers’ to toast over New Years. That being said, they are flying off the shelves across every store, so you’d best get in soon if you have a cork popping New Years plan.

Prosecco, Baby Canadian & Henkell


The most common type of sparkline wines are white, but with different types of blends we can also see rose and red sparkling wines too. If you’re really looking to change things up this New Year’s Eve, consider a sparkling wine blend. These specialty sparkling wines combine the great flavor and texture of regular sparkling white wines with additional flavorful wines of all  colors.

Blended Sparkling Wine


The most popular type of sparkling wine for New Year’s Eve for those that can afford it is Champagne. Did you know that all Champagnes are a kind of sparkling wine? But, not all sparkling wines are Champagnes! There are many different types of champagnes to choose from, and picking the right champagne for you will come down to a few things like price, taste preferences, and style. True champagnes come from France — named after the region it comes from; Champagne, France. The only labels that are legally allowed to use the “Champagne” name must be bottled at least 100 miles of this region!

The Bottom Line on New Year’s Eve Drinks

Most people will quickly opt for some sort of Champagne when they are looking for a New Year’s Eve drink to celebrate with. Although there is nothing wrong with champagne, there are other sparkling wine options that can also be considered. From another simple option like Prosecco, to the vast amount of varying sparkling wine “blends” — there are many options available. Visit one of our liquor store locations, and one of our client services rep will be happy to help you find the perfect sparkling wine for you!


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