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Mr Fungi Chaga Black Lager Explained

You may be thinking mushroom beer…. that’s strange.

Mr Fungi Black Lager doesn’t taste like the mushroom soup you might be picturing in your head; it taste like a black lager with a notes of Chaga, a complex earthy/coffee/mocha flavour. The goal with our black lager was to use Chaga, a locally foraged superfood, to impart colour and flavour for an interesting and complex subtle Chaga taste in our black lager. The result is a delicious black lager with earthy/coffee/mocha notes from the Chaga. Try it and see what the flavour is yourself (we recommend it be your first beer of the session as the flavour is subtle).

Here is a photo of the locally foraged Chaga that we used to infuse into the black lager and a photo of the poured beer and can courtsey of

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