Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Concentrates

The world of concentrates is growing quickly as cannabis users are turning to other methods of consuming the product. Concentrates are a great option if you’re looking to increase the potency of your doses, save your lungs from the smoke, and better conceal your cannabis usage. Concentrates can be purchased in a variety of forms and consumed just about any way you can imagine, which has led to a surge in popularity. But cannabis concentrates have also created a lot of confusion, especially since they’re relatively new to the market.

In this article, we’re going to break down everything you need to know about cannabis concentrates, including what they are and the forms they take, info about extracts, consumption methods and more.


What are Cannabis Concentrates?

The concentrate form of cannabis is similar to other everyday concentrate products we’re familiar with, like fruit juice concentrate. In the case of fruit juice concentrate, the water has been extracted leaving behind the yummy sugary stuff.

cannabis flower up close

With cannabis, the concentrate form is produced by distilling and removing excess plant material from the flower bud (the original state). Once you take away the excess plant material, you’re left with the good stuff known as ‘trichomes’, which are tiny sparkly bits you can often see on the outside of the flower buds. These trichomes are absolutely loaded with cannabinoids and terpenes. And because of this high proportion of cannabinoids and terpenes, cannabis concentrates are far more potent than regular cannabis flowers, typically yielding north of 60% THC.


Are Concentrates the Same as Extracts?

You might have read or heard the term ‘extracts’ at your local dispensary and from fellow cannabis users. Extracts are closely related to concentrates, but there is one big difference in how they’re made.

An extract is a type of cannabis concentrate made using something called a solvent. This solvent helps separate the excess plant material from the trichomes, and extracting the cannabinoids and terpenes. The solvent used for extraction can vary, but the commonly used for cannabis concentrates are butane, CO2, methanol and ethanol. Because these chemicals are generally unsafe for consumption, they have to be completely stripped and washed away before the final extract product is presented for consumption. Extracts are super popular in the cannabis-loving community, and include popular products like wax, shatter, badder (or batter), crumble, sauce, and live resin concentrates.

Cannabis concentrates that don’t require solvents are known as solvent-less. This method of extracting trichomes from the plant involves simply agitating the plant to shake off the resin before using low-heat, low-pressure equipment to melt the trichomes into oil. This process is 100% chemical free. As a result, this extraction method produces cannabis concentrates like rosin fresh press, rosin jam, rosin dry sifts, and certain types of hash.


Consuming Cannabis Concentrates

shard of shatter

Cannabis concentrates are consumed and loved by many in part for their extreme versatility. They can be enjoyed in so many ways, whether you prefer concealing your cannabis usage or experimenting with various techniques besides smoking. Here’s a breakdown of some of the more common consumption methods for concentrates:


Of all the concentrate consumption methods available, edibles might be the most popular. Because they can be eaten, they’re super easy to consume without the use of equipment and gadgets, plus they don’t leave behind any mess. For that reason, they’re a perfect concealable option if you’re on the go.

Edibles are quite different than other methods that require you to inhale. The affects can take hours to kick in, where inhaling will provide feeling right away, plus the high from an edible is prone to last far longer.


A dab is a vaporizing method for consuming concentrates that requires a special dab rig. They’re usually made of glass, making it not the most concealable or portable consumption method. But dabbing works similar to a bong – you light what’s known as the ‘nail’, and apply to the concentrate onto the hot surface before you inhale the vapor.

Flower topping

Another way to consume concentrates is to top your cannabis flower with it. This method requires minimal effort and no additional equipment, and is capable of providing a significant potency boost. All you do is drip, sprinkle or drizzle your concentrate product on top of your joint, pipe, or bong bowl.

Vape pen

person using vape

As a stash-able device that easily fits in a pocket, the vape pen is an ultra-portable consumption method for cannabis concentrates. The high from a vape pen will hit you immediately similar to smoking, but the high won’t be nearly as strong compared to using a dab rig or smoking a joint.

All you have to do is load your vape pen with pre-filled cartridges, and detach the battery on occasion to charge it. They’re also very easy to use – just press a button to activate the pen, which warms the heating element holding the concentrate.


The world of cannabis topicals is a growing one, and includes all sorts of products that can be applied to the skin. The main difference with topicals is they don’t produce the head high that other consumption methods can. Instead, they’re excellent for providing pain relief when applied on specific target areas of the body.


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