6 Things to Look for in a High-Quality Cannabis Dispensary

With legal cannabis sweeping the country, gone are the days of having to buy weed from your uncle, the lady up the street, or your friend that knows a guy. Now, Canadians have access to safe and legal cannabis dispensaries selling all kinds of cannabis strains, oils and smoking accessories. Chances are, there’s a dispensary not far from your home. But that doesn’t mean you just want to go anywhere.

Like finding a dentist, financial advisor or massage therapist, there’s a lot to consider when choosing the place you buy your cannabis from. And finding a high-quality dispensary to call your own is not so easy. You want to feel comfortable at a dispensary and know what you’re buying, and it also has to be accessible.

In this article, we’ll share 6 key qualities to watch for when choosing your trusted cannabis dispensary:


Wide Range of Quality Products

selection of cannabis products

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when choosing a cannabis dispensary to call your own is products available to purchase. After all, it is what you’re interested in at the end of the day. It’s no good if the most conveniently located dispensary with the friendliest staff doesn’t stock the products you rely on.

A high-quality dispensary will not only have high quality products, but a wide range of them. That includes everything from flower strains to oils to edibles. It’s also convenient being able to buy smoking accessories like rolling papers and pipes at your local dispensary, rather than having to hunt elsewhere in specialty shops.

selection of edibles

At Cheeky’s Cannabis Merchants, we’re proud of our wide selection of items on sale in our two locations and website each day. We’ve got plenty of smokable flower strains, whether you’re into Sativas, Indicas or Hybrids, plus we’ve got lots of yummy edibles in the form of gummies, chocolate, cookies, and even beverages! We also carry a big selection of oils, concentrates and topicals like creams, ointments and serums.


Helpful and Friendly Staff

staff all dressed in pink

Buying cannabis can be overwhelming at times without the proper guidance. If you don’t know much about the products, it can be difficult to pick out what you prefer. And maybe you don’t even know what you want. That’s where the help of friendly and knowledgeable staff can go a long way in creating a shopping experience that’s informed and enjoyable.

Cheeky’s Cannabis was founded with the mission of de-stigmatizing the purchasing of cannabis, which is evident when you walk into one of our two dispensary locations. Our staff are extremely knowledgeable and willing to offer pointers and advice – regardless of your level of experience with cannabis.


Welcoming Environment

inside of Cheeky's location

The shopping environment can go along way in making you feel welcome and comfortable when you come to buy cannabis. Nobody wants to feel insecure or intimidated when they’re trying to buy something. That’s especially true when you consider cannabis – a retail environment and product that is fairly new to many people.

The best cannabis dispensaries provide comfortable environments for their customers. Some will be covered with interesting art, some will be well lit with brightly coloured interiors, and others will go for a cleaner, more refined look. Some might have arcade games, sell candy or have big comfy couches. It all comes down to being able to provide people with an environment they feel welcome and comfortable in – if it feels like a liquor store, you’re in the wrong place!


Sales, Specials & Events

daily sales and specials

Another maybe slightly overlooked aspect of a high-quality dispensary are the sales, promotions and events they run. Sales keep happy customers coming back and attract new, interested ones. And events give people something to look forward to, and the opportunity to join your community. It all comes back to providing a shopping experience, level of customer services and environment that people want to be a part of.

At Cheeky’s, we take pride in our extensive list of daily specials. Come on into our Maple Ridge or Kitsilano location to browse and we’d be happy to help you pick something out. If buying cannabis online is more your style, our sales can be found there as well. We also love to host events – check out the photos below from past events:

past events with Cheeky's


Delivery & Curbside Pickup

herbside pickup

Accessibility is another important aspect to consider when deciding where to buy your cannabis. If you’re disabled, sick, or just being lazier than normal, having the option to either get your goods delivered or pick them up curbside is a valuable benefit.

Cheeky’s is happy to offer both delivery and curbside pickup to residents of Maple Ridge, Kitsilano and the Greater Vancouver area. Now you can shop online taking as much time as you need. All you have to do is create an account of login, provide your delivery instructions and arrange for a time.


Location, Location, Location

Cheeky's Cannabis locations

Our sixth and final aspect of a high-quality is location. If you’re a regular cannabis user looking for a dispensary, this is going to be a rather weighty factor. Having a dispensary nearby could be game changing. If you aren’t such a regular user, maybe it isn’t so important, but you’d still probably enjoy a shorter journey or at least a couple location options.

Cheeky’s has two locations servicing the Greater Vancouver area. Our flagship location in Maple Ridge is located 11939 240th Street, and our new Kitsilano location can be found at 3695 W. 4th Avenue. Plus, stay tuned for our new location coming soon to Mission!