How to Hide the Leftover Scent of Cannabis

If you smoke cannabis regularly, you’re already familiar with the strong scent it leaves behind. Your place of storage begins to smell, as do your clothes, upholstery, and other materials. Some people may find the smell pleasant, but not everyone shares that opinion. Regardless, it never hurts to keep your private smoking sessions private.

In this article, we’re examining some of the more effective methods at hiding or eliminating the leftover scent of cannabis. But first, where does that smell come from, and why is it so persistent?


The smell of cannabis

The cannabis plant is filled with molecules that release different smells. During the complete lifespan of a plant, from early growth all the way to finished product ready for packaging, odours are being emitted. The main source of these odours are the terpenes. These terpenes are aromatic compounds that are found alongside the cannabinoids in cannabis. And while you may think about cannabis when you hear the word terpenes, these terpenes are found throughout nature, and are what give trees, plants, citrus, and other organic life their unique scent.

In cannabis, these terpenes are especially concentrated. Not all strains have the same pungency, and each strain smells slightly different, but the smell is still overpowering. The wind is always a factor, but the smell can easily be picked up at 100 metres. And while the smell of cannabis can’t go through walls, it does have a way of sneaking through windows and other tiny openings.

So how can you mask the smell?


Keep the air flowing

window open with curtain blowing

When it comes to any lingering smell, one of the most dependable methods for relief is airflow. That’s why smoking cannabis outdoors is always ideal. The scent has a chance to dissipate instead of latching onto clothing, carpets, and other materials. So if you’ve got a balcony, backyard, or terrace, start there. But if you’re stuck indoors and worried about the smell, ventilation is your next best choice. What you want to avoid is stale air that stagnates. Simply opening a window will make a huge difference, and purchasing a small fan will help stimulate airflow and minimize the smell.

Using air fresheners is also useful… there are cannabis air fresheners available for purchase online and at local dispensaries.


Proper storage

glass storage containers for cannabis

Storage is another key area to focus on if you’re interested in controlling the smell. The best strategy is to invest in smell proof containers. Typically made of glass, you can buy airtight containers that will completely hide the smell (until you open them). And if you purchase a larger container, you can fit not just your cannabis in there, but your grinder, rolling papers, and other accessories used for smoking. Plastic and metal storage are better than nothing, but these materials will begin to affect the aroma and flavour over time. Glass is the best – just be sure to keep your container in a cool, dark place and clean it regularly.

High quality glass storage containers also carry the added benefit of preserving your products. Cannabis flowers tend to get mouldy, so a sealed glass container will protect it from humidity and preserve both the aroma and flavour you want to keep.


Smoke filtering devices

smokie spreading over black background

Smoke filters, also known as ‘sploofs’, are super convenient tools for minimizing the scent left behind from cannabis while smoking it. These products are made with filtering materials, so when you exhale a cloud of smoke into them, the smell is masked rather than spread throughout the air. The most common smoke filter is the Smoke Buddy accessory, available for purchase online and at local dispensaries.

There are all kinds of sploofs available for purchase online and at local dispensaries. But if you need one in a pinch, there’s always the DIY approach. One of the most popular DIY methods requires simple household items like a toilet paper roll, dryer sheets, and a rubber band. Simply seal one end of the roll with a dryer sheet, secure it with a rubber band, and stuff a few more dryer sheets in the open end.


Reconsider your consumption method

hitting the vape pen

If you’re tired of trying to mask the smell and are looking for a more sustainable, long-term solution, you may want to reconsider your consumption method. Joints are notorious for producing a ton of smoke, far more than cigarettes, because the joint continues to burn even when you aren’t smoking it. Bongs also create a lot of smoke due to their design – the extended chamber and stem allow more smoke to accumulate before making it to your mouth.

If you want to reduce the amount of smoke, a pipe or one-hitter are great options. These small tools don’t fit much cannabis in them, minimizing the burning and smoke. An even better alternative is vaporizing. Small handheld vaporizers (or vapes) heat liquid or oil to vaporize the cannabis rather than burning it. This method still produces a smell, but there is no smoke, so the smell doesn’t stick around nearly as much.


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